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Future gazing: our predictions for 2017

A range of our experts came together throughout December to share their business predictions for the year ahead. Here’s the full round-up.


Nick Wilding, general manager, Cyber Resilience at AXELOS Global Best Practice – The implications of more cyber attacks.


Beatrice Butsana-Sita, managing director, Updata – Health and social care in 2017.


Dan Warren's 2017 prediction

Dan Warren, director of Group Architecture, Capita – The development of the internet of things.

Dan Lord's 2017 prediction

Dan Lord, managing director, ChooseCare – Personalisation across health and social care systems.



Richard McCarthy CBE, senior director, Strategic Services – The positive impact of the service sector.


Stephen Ferry, managing director, Pay360 – The transformation of the payment industry.


Simon Corben's predictions for 2017

Simon Corben, managing director,  CHP Infrastructure – The future of the NHS’s Sustainability Transformation plans.

Ben Eggleston's 2017 prediction

Ben Eggleston, managing director, Capita Transformation – How to deliver modern transformation.


Sam Manson's 2017 prediction

Sam Manson, client services director, Orange Bus – The future of the digital environment.

Susan Ring's 2017 prediction

Susan Ring, chief executive of Capita Employee Benefits – The future of pensions in 2017.


Catherine Howe's 2017 prediction

Catherine Howe, solutions director, Capita – The impact of automation on people’s jobs.

Alex Cousin's 2017 prediction

Alex Cousins, business development director, Capita – The future of Place-based partnerships.


Alex Khaldi's prediction for 2017

Alex Khaldi, market director, Health and Social Care – The future of adult social care.

Cath Possamai's 2017 prediction

Cath Possamai, director of talent and resourcing, Capita – The future of HR and big data.


Phil Neal's 2017 prediction

Phil Neal, director, SIMS – The future of parental engagement in education.


Mike Ruddle, strategic development director, Workplace Services – Benefits of a diverse workforce.

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