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Future gazing: our predictions for 2019

As we approach the end of 2018, it’s time once again to bring our experts together to share their business predictions for the year ahead.

In an increasingly fast-paced digital world, more and more companies are now using futurists to assess the challenges and the opportunities in front of them. At Capita, a broad range of expertise helps us to unlock value across a wide range of industries – throughout December we will be sharing predictions from our Capita experts for the year ahead.

Capita Future Gazing - Mike Barnard's 2019 predictions

Capita Customer Management's executive officer, Mike Barnard, shares his prediction on customer experience for 2019.

Capita Future Gazing - Susie Thomson's 2019 predictions

Susie Thomson, managing director at Security Watchdog, part of Capita, discusses the future of employment screening.


Capita Future Gazing - Alan Linter's 2019 predictions

Capita's Alan Linter and James Brooks look at the impact of digtal technology on customer experience.

Capita Future Gazing - Alex Cousin's predictions for 2019

Capita's Alex Cousins shares her thoughts on the power of people and communities in 2019.

Capita's Martin Deacon's 2019 prediction

Martin Deacon, CTO at Capita IT and Networks, shares his thoughts on the next generation of cyber threats and how to combat them.

Our behavioural scientist, Jonti Dalal-Small, shares his thoughts for business travel in 2019.

Martin Kelly, our land planning director, looks at how a rise in green strategies will heal and shape our urban world.

Capita Software's CTO, Alan Hartwell, looks at how virtual assistants and automation will deliver on their promises in 2019.

Capita One's managing director, Anthony Singleton, shares his top 5 predictions for technology in local government and housing for 2019.

Capita's Kate Fitzsimons shares her predictions for transformation in the public section in 2019.

Capita future gazing - Nick Cole's 2019 predictions

Pay, digital, collaboration and skills are all areas Capita's Nick Cole looks at for his 2019 prediction for recruitment in local government.

Capita future gazing - Sally Earnshaw's 2019 predictions

Blue Sky's Sally Earnshaw looks at putting the people back in to New Year predictions.

Capita future gazing - Geoff Smith's 2019 predictions

Geoff Smith, executive director at Capita Resourcing, shares his top 5 predictions for recruitment in 2019.

Capita future gazing - Ismail Amla's 2019 predictions

Capita's chief growth officer, Ismail Amla, shares his top predictions for the year ahead.

Capita future gazing - Deborah McLaughlin's 2019 predictions

Capita's Deborah McLaughlin looks at the 'year of the unknown for the real estate sector'

Capita future gazing - Stephen Ferry's 2019 predictions

Stephen Ferry shares his predictions for the demise of cash, and the rise of alternative payment methods in 2019.

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