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03 July 2017

Four traits that mean you are destined for a career in management

While some professionals spend years studying in order to make the step up to management, others are born leaders.

Though you can always develop skills and work hard at improving your management techniques, there are some traits that make the whole process a great deal easier. Here we take a look at four qualities that may mean you’re destined for a career in management.

Have self-control

Managers need to be self-aware and practice strict self-control if they are to succeed. As a leader, many employees will be looking at you to set an example or for advice and assistance. No matter what your personal feelings, you need to ensure that you have your team’s best interests at heart and can provide them with the help they require. Body language is extremely important in communication and employees can gleam a lot from seemingly insignificant signals, so practicing self-control, putting on that poker face and responding with a professional impartiality is essential.   

Bring the best out in others

Management is all about getting the best from your team. At an entry level, employees only have to concern themselves with completing their work to an adequate standard, but at management level you need to be able to motivate those same employees to give more. If you’re a good motivator and are able to bring out the best in individuals and teams, you’re sure to go far.

Be accountable

It’s important that managers hold themselves accountable in the same way as any other employee. Passing the buck or blaming others is a sure way to lose the respect of your team members and colleagues, so being able to stand up and take responsibility for your actions is an important quality for any manager.

Be flexible

Finally, managers need to be flexible and able to adapt themselves to any situation. Leading a team will never be smooth-sailing and you need to be able to react to a variety of different circumstances in a cool and calm manner. This also applies to your relationships with team members. Understanding that employees face a variety of challenges and difficulties in their personal and professional lives and dealing with them in a flexible manner will help you earn the trust and respect of your colleagues.

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