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19 April 2017

What is the secret to job fulfillment?

Forget the size of your pay packet at the end of every month or the length of your commute, or even the everyday tasks you do; the secret to career fulfillment is actually having a good boss.

According to a survey of 35,000 UK and USA employees, the secret to job fulfillment is having a manager who is competent in their role with good technical knowledge.

It goes without saying that job satisfaction is incredibly important, especially as we spend the majority of our day in the workplace. However, it isn’t just the workers that job satisfaction matters to, but to employers, governments and shareholders too. In fact, there is mounting evidence in the media that the happier employees are the more productive they are.

Interestingly, the research found that the competency of a manager far outweighs earnings, job prospects and training when it came to job fulfillment.

Why is having a good boss so important?

The results found that the competence of a manager has a positive effect on wellbeing and productivity in the workplace, but why?

It’s thought that those managers who are good at their jobs tend to have expert knowledge of the core business and the organisations they lead, while also understanding the role and job of each employee underneath them. This means they are more likely to create the ideal working conditions for you to be productive and use the right kind of motivational incentives. This in turn, tends to inspire greater respect and trust between manager and employee which is essential for business success.

The happiest workers

A short while ago, a thinktank looked at national wellbeing and conducted research into the careers where employees feel most fulfilled by their work. Surprisingly, the best paid roles don’t always make the happiest employees.

For evidence, here are the top ten occupations in order of job fulfillment with their average salary:

  1. Clergy - £20,568
  2. Chief Executives and Senior Officials - £117,700
  3. Manager and Proprietors in Agriculture and Horticulture - £31,721
  4. Company Secretaries - £18,176
  5. Quality Assurance and Regulatory Professionals - £42,898
  6. Health Care Practice Managers - £31,267
  7. Medical Practitioners - £70,648
  8. Farmers - £24,520
  9. Hotel Accommodation Managers and Proprietors - £32,470
  10. Skilled Metal, Electrical and Electronic Trade Supervisors - £35,316

Job fulfillment for millennials

While money is obviously still important to millennials, it’s actually the concept of being part of something bigger than themselves that gives them a sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction. The modern workforce craves integration as much as cash yet only 31% of graduates feel that firms properly integrate new employees; naming poor communication to be the underlying cause.

This younger group of employees are in search of a vision and a meaning behind their roles and will dedicate themselves to their role, and their employer, when the conditions are right. Securing job fulfillment may differ from one individual to another and from one job to another but one thing’s for sure; a good boss can really help!

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