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10 April 2017

Why your mobile presence can shape your job search

Mobile usage is on the rise worldwide and more and more people are using their phone and tablets to search for jobs. This ability to apply for professional positions wherever you are in the world is resulting in dramatic changes to the way employees and employers think about the application process.

For businesses, it means ensuring websites are optimised for mobile devices and that the application process is streamlined and efficient. For job seekers, it has a variety of wide-ranging effects. With this in mind, we examine how and why your mobile presence shapes your job search.

Any time, any place

Mobile devices allow you to search and apply for jobs at any time and in any place. This means that you no longer have to restrict your job searches to your free time and that you have constant access to all the latest vacancies and job postings. However, this makes applying quickly and efficiently more important, as positions are filled faster than ever. Fortunately, many sites are able to send out notifications and reminders for vacancies you may be interested in, ensuring you don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity. 

Job search apps

The increased use of mobile devices has also resulted in the development of a number of apps able to assist in your job search. Usually designed to be accessed through mobile devices, these apps are powerful tools that allow you to take your job search with you wherever you go. Many also sync with your LinkedIn profile, allowing you to incorporate your wider professional network into the search and helping to identify potential job leads.

Social media

Social media is playing an increasingly important role in all of our personal and professional lives. With a greater number of people using platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to communicate professionally, the way in which mobile devices provide instant and regular access to such sites is becoming even more useful. Instead of limiting your job seeking to internet searches and firing off CVs, you now have a variety of avenues to explore and new tools at your disposal.

Still some things that are easier on a desktop

Though mobile devices are certainly having an effect on the way we search for jobs, it’s important to remember that some things are still a lot easier on a desktop. The most obvious example of this is creating a CV. While there are useful word processing apps for mobile devices, they lack the levels of customisation found in desktop versions and are far more difficult to use. However, it’s only a matter of time before mobile devices catch up and the whole application process is easy enough to complete from start to finish on a small smartphone screen.

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