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Incorporating paper documents into the big data puzzle

The challenge of combining data from multiple systems and platforms is a major headache for many organisations. So where do you start if the information you need is on paper or in documents that have to be manually searched? How can this be accessed and analysed in real-time?

Last year a study by IBM identified that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created per day by organisations around the globe. However, the management of these vast volumes of data is frequently troublesome, and manual processes continue to exist in multiple pockets across organisations where individuals need to access information that is only held in a hardcopy format.

So how do organisations ensure that valuable information and insight can be liberated from paper based data? Capita partnered with a major government department to unlock information held in over 40 million paper records, and combine them with their electronic data, to do just that.

Julian McKenzie, client transformation manager at Capita Document & Information Services highlights that the project enabled them to gain instant access to files that had previously been spread across over 40 different sites.

“Before the partnership the documents were transported, indexed and searched for manually. Our client needed retrospective and on-going document retrieval, storage, delivery and tracking. The ultimate aim was to put systems in place which could process the backlog of existing paperwork and provide a framework for transformed operations that would enable insight to be gained from historically archived documents.

By sorting, scanning, indexing and storing these documents Capita was able to create a full document inventory to allow users to search, group and export information within their 96 million records. The benefits the project delivered include:

  • archived files and reports were made fully text searchable
  • secure electronic storage provided that was in-line with the Department’s own indexing system
  • authorised stakeholders within the Department had access to digitised documentation in a fast, efficient manner
  • receipts, retrievals, returns and destruction were all managed and reported on to ensure the integrity of the system was maintained
  • it is estimated to have created over £40 million in savings.

The whole project was carefully managed to ensure a smooth transition of processes and avoid disruption. Hidden information has been unlocked and staff and stakeholders now benefit from faster access to customer files enabling them to provide a better service to patrons.”

Capita’s records management transformation services provide supportive and critical internal regulatory-compliant services relating to document management and information control. We work in partnership with our clients; reviewing initial requirements against their business, to enable us to provide services that support their future plans.

From advising clients on regulatory requirements around file management and destruction, to introducing additional data capture or back office processing that would reduce manual effort; we look to provide continuous improvement through the use of Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, Management Information and Risk Management.

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