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Ensuring best practice stays ahead of the curve at AXELOS

AXELOS Global Best Practice, the joint venture between Capita and the Cabinet Office, has for the last three years been managing and developing a wide range of long standing industry qualifications such as PRINCE2® and ITIL®.

Elements of these qualifications and frameworks have existed for over 25 years and were originated in a time when the approach to workplace learning was quite different.

AXELOS is now developing a range of new approaches and products to ensure the well-established best practice frameworks retain their relevance, and place them ahead of the curve. AXELOS wants to define the way modern organisations education their work force.   

The widely accepted view on best practice frameworks is that organisations who can take the suggested process and adapt them to the needs of their organisation, will have the most success. The most common failures with these frameworks occur when the best practice processes are overly-prescribed to the business roles and functions, without enough thought given to what level of understanding and skills are really required. 

To help overcome this common misuse of best practice, AXELOS is now focusing on providing organisations with new learning opportunities, which are highly focussed on the practical ‘how-to’ skills that are needed to be more successful with best practice. To complement this new access to skills based learning, a unique subscription style professional development scheme is now available, which individuals and organisations can use to focus on tailoring their own learning pathways. 

The membership subscription is called AXELOS Professional Development (APD) and is exclusively available to professionals who hold an ITIL, PRINCE2 or MSP Qualification. The online subscription offers a skills assessment application allowing you to self-assess your skills against a specially designed skills framework. 

After completing a self-assessment, you can then send invitations to your managers and peers to also complete the assessment for you. Your own assessment is then bench-marked against both your peer reviews and the industry standards for your role. The application then automatically assesses where your skills gaps are and suggests a bespoke range content from a library of books, whitepapers, case studies, thought leadership articles and more. Every piece of content you read can be used to earn CPD points, which are then logged in our AXELOS Professional Development profile. 

AXELOS Professional Development also offers members the opportunity to gain a Digital Badge, which can be added to their CV, online profiles, and email signatures. The Digital Badge is used to display their highest qualifications and provide a quick and simple way to link through to both their certifications, CPD points and self-study history.

Digital Badges are already in use by organisations such as IBM and Oracle and are cited to become the future of how professionals will demonstrate their skills based learning. AXELOS are really excited to be adopting this technology ahead of the curve and hopefully leading the way as to how modern professionals demonstrate their abilities and methods of learning. 

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