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Supporting the place agenda

Place shaping is nothing new, but with the changes to local government – finance, devolution, austerity and rising demand from citizens – it’s now a major focus.

Creating a place where people want to invest, live, work and play is delivering tangible results –  nurturing an environment that supports and encourages residents to generate a sense of community.

By looking more closely at place, real opportunities are being uncovered to attract business and residents, support local skills and generate revenue for the area to sustain and improve local public services.

We have created a Place Framework based on six enablers we believe are necessary to deliver your local ambitions – skills, employment, economy, infrastructure, healthcare, and community.

And we have capabilities within each of these enablers that can affect real change for you.



The focus for local public service now is on the transformation of their Place, not just their organisation, and we at Capita understand that and are here to help.

We are a growing company, with a wide range of capability across public and private sectors and a footprint across the country. We therefore have a vested interest to work with local leaders to support their Place agendas. The Place Framework enables us to engage with leaders and understand their priorities, assets and focus and identify best how we can support them.

Alex Cousins

Capita business development director (local government)

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