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Working together to transform frailty

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How our wide range of innovative digital solutions are currently in use across the NHS, social care organisations and emergency services to help meet the issues faced by patients like Mrs Jones.

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In England, there are 1.8 million people aged over 60 and 0.8 million people aged over 80 living with frailty (ELSA 2016). These numbers are forecasted to rise year on year and with budgets decreasing, there’s a need for health economies to reduce the costs but continue the high level of support, to ensure people living with frailty can live independent lives.

People living with frailty do not recover as quickly after a physical or mental illness, an accident or other stressful event and have a range of complex needs which can have a huge effect on their confidence and wellbeing. We understand the importance and complexity of frailty and have created an innovative range of digital products and services which can be used to facilitate high quality care.

To treat frailty as a long-term condition, proactive and dedicated primary care services are needed alongside more established and reactive services situated in emergency departments and acute care wards. This patient journey shows a series of important encounters which an elderly person like Mrs Jones, may have with the NHS and illustrates the range of services that people living with frailty require.

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