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Workplace technology

Our solutions enable organisations to create a new digital workplace that meets the demands of today’s workforce.

We’re a leading provider of fully managed workplace solutions to the UK public and private sector, specialising in managed print, collaboration and workflow technologies.

With over 30 years’ experience in the technology, document and information sector, we utilise our comprehensive business review and consultancy approach to understand and deliver solutions that are designed specifically for our clients’ organisations.

We support the flow of information as effectively as possible throughout our clients’ organisations.

What we do

We will work alongside you to develop bespoke solutions designed to give your organisation the tools to be productive and work with information and documents more efficiently. We do this by leveraging managed print, cloud, collaboration and workflow technologies. We deliver solutions that have a transformational impact on business activity as well as on improving your employee day-to-day workplace experience.


About Capita Workplace Technology

Our services include:

Managed print

Enjoy seamless, more secure managed print, copy, scan and fax processes.

Our services deliver average savings of 15-40% on current total cost of ownership. Optimise and proactively manage every aspect of your print environment to improve data security and enable users to accomplish tasks more quickly and effectively. By leveraging best-of-breed technology, automated workflows and digitisation – all managed by us – we will help you drive up employee efficiency, reduce waste and cut costs.

Visit our website to learn more about our managed print services.

Managed collaboration

Effectively communicate ideas, share information and facilitate collaborative working.

Our collaboration solutions enable effortless collective working, communication and document sharing in real-time from any location. Integrated unified communications and interactive touch screen technology transform any meeting room, lecture theatre or boardroom into a fully collaborative, digital workspace. When combined with secure and effective workflow, integration with document management systems and operational systems as well as office productivity tools - this can drive huge gains in productivity across any organisation.

Visit our website to learn more about our collaboration solutions.

Managed workflow

Optimise the way work flows through every part of your organisation.

We can tailor powerful scanning, digitisation and automation tools to streamline workflow across your whole organisation. We do this by transforming how you store, access and action your data – simultaneously increasing both security and business agility. Users can access information and accomplish tasks from any device while document-related tasks are efficiently routed to the right end device or file location.

Visit our website to learn how we can help you maximise your workflow.

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