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Capita partnership with Alzheimer’s Society

This Spring, Capita began a new two-year corporate charity partnership with Alzheimer’s Society. Together, we are uniting against dementia.

We have worked closely with Alzheimer’s Society to lay the foundations for a partnership that will make a deep, meaningful and lasting impact to those affected by dementia.

Integral to this is are our key partnership objectives. These include:

  • Working to make 50% of our employee base Dementia Friends
  • Supporting innovation in dementia research and initiatives
  • Raising £500k over the course of the two-year partnership
  • Becoming a dementia-friendly business.

Our employee fundraising focus is on both the Side by Side initiative - a befriending project that aims to reduce social isolation by matching people with dementia to volunteers with similar interests – and the Innovation Fund, a programme which supports innovative ideas, addressing the unmet needs of people living with dementia.

Dementia Friends

Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friends programme is the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. A Dementia Friend is someone that has a greater understanding of dementia, and how the condition can affect a person’s day to day life, and what they can do to support someone with dementia.

We are supporting the Society by rolling out Dementia Friends across our organisation.

A key feature of our Dementia Friends programme is the creation of Dementia Friends Champions – those who have undergone an induction day to create their own Dementia Friends. A Dementia Friends Champion is a volunteer who encourages others to make a positive difference to people living with dementia in their community. They do this by giving them information about the personal impact of dementia, and what they can do to help.

Emma Forrest, part of Capita’s Corporate Responsibility team, is a trained Dementia Friends Champion and has been running Dementia Friends webinar sessions for colleagues across the organisation. She says: “The induction session was so informative. Being a Champion is a fantastic way to create widespread awareness of dementia and it’s eye opening to see how many people have been affected by it. I’m pleased to be part of the movement that is encouraging teams to learn more about dementia and help Capita work towards our Dementia Friends target.”

We are encouraging colleagues across Capita to become Dementia Friends, and go one step further to become a Dementia Friends Champion by using their Capita Volunteering day to get involved.

Vulnerable customers

We’re working with different parts of our organisation to provide additional training to our employees who deal with vulnerable customers in their day to day roles. Some of our vulnerable customers may be living with dementia and we’re taking steps to ensure we’re doing everything we can to communicate effectively and creating greater understanding of the condition.

Dementia Friendly Business

With the number of people living with dementia expected to rise to 1 million by 2021, it is increasingly important that we support those affected and provide an inclusive and accessible place of work. Creating a dementia-friendly workplace here at Capita means a variety of things: from generating awareness and open dialogue around dementia to making any necessary adjustments to our offices and sites.

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