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Our programmes

In 2016, we concentrated most of our support, both through our community programmes and charitable support on working with young people to raise educational achievement and develop employability skills within our local communities.

We’ve done this through a number of programmes including developing long term partnerships with a number of schools.

Our activities in 2016 included:

  • Coaching programme for teachers
  • CV/interview training
  • Work placements
  • World of work days
  • Workshops to raise aspirations and encourage social mobility
  • School governors.

In 2016, we estimate that our community investment was £2m

Measuring our impact

Tracking and reporting our community activity is key to demonstrating the impact of our programmes and ensuring we are achieving our programme aims. We currently use London Benchmarking methodology to measure the value of our programmes (financial, in-kind, and time given). In 2016, we estimate that our community investment was £2m, (based on data collection from approximately half of our business) creating value for our people, our communities and our business. In 2017, we will to continue develop our data gathering process to increase visibility of activity across the Group.

There is also a growing interest, especially from the public sector, in measuring the social and economic value of all our activities, not just from our community programmes, and therefore in 2017 we will be exploring ways of measuring our total impact including all our business activities.

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