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Delivering for our clients

We deliver value for our clients by making processes smarter, organisations more efficient and customer experiences better.

We do this by using smart technology and the skills and expertise of our people. We listen and respond to what our clients tell us, understanding their changing needs and working with them to ensure we meet their expectations.

How do we deliver value for our clients?

  • We help our clients respond to changing market and societal factors, helping them adapt and meet the needs of their customers now and in the future
  • We ensure we’re at the forefront of developments in technology, providing flexible and accessible services and making customer experiences better
  • We help our clients transform and streamline business processes, working closely to assess their needs and see where processes could run better and becoming an integral and valued partner
  • We partner and collaborate with specialist partners including charities and voluntary organisations to create mutually beneficial opportunities and use their expertise
  • By delivering responsible and sustainable services we help our clients deliver their own CR agenda.

Innovative solutions

Our role is to provide the expertise and capability to deliver technology-enabled business process and customer management solutions and professional support services. We help our clients to deliver services more effectively, become more efficient, solve challenges and maintain their competitive positions.

Our focus is not just about driving down costs, we want to design solutions that improve customer and citizen services.

Our innovative, technology-led approach puts us at the forefront of the digital revolution. Through our investment in digital technologies, combined with insight provided by data and analytics, our innovative software and our skilled people we develop digital solutions to meet our client’s needs.

Anticipating and delivering what our clients need

Meeting and anticipating the needs of our clients is an important reason why we have a high renewal and retention rate and continue to grow the business. We have a deep understanding of the market dynamics and the competitive and cost challenges and customer service needs that our clients face. We understand what it takes to deliver a truly transformational service - encompassing people, processes, technology and property. During economic cycles, we have a track record of anticipating and adapting to changes in our clients’ buying behaviour and market conditions, helping them adapt to their altered landscape.

Client satisfaction

Our success depends on developing strong valued relationships with existing and future clients. We are committed to maintaining and improving the services we provide to our clients.

To provide us with a general view of key client satisfaction we undertake an annual survey of key clients across our divisions, looking at both how we work with them on an operational and strategic level. This survey, along with our regular feedback mechanisms helps us to identify where we need to work harder and where there is the potential to add further value to our clients’ operations.

We use the themes that emerge from this to create divisional action plans to drive ongoing performance improvement across the base and measure progress on an annual basis.

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