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Our employees

Capita is a people business. Our success rests on the skills of our 73,000 employees.

At Capita we have:

  • the right workforce, so our clients benefit from having the right people with the right skills
  • a diverse workforce, which gives us a huge range of skills and expertise
  • an empowered workforce, who can make decisions and respond to our clients’ needs promptly
  • a trained workforce, who can do the right job – properly


As over 70% of our people have transferred to us as part of our acquisition programme or an outsourcing arrangement, we’re very experienced at successfully managing these large-scale integration programmes. Transferred staff give us a constant flow of fresh skills.

Rewarding and recognising our people

We believe in rewarding people appropriately, so our pay rates are competitive. We have local performance schemes, as well as an employee recognition scheme to celebrate individuals who demonstrate commitment to our values.

Open doors

We recognise that employees who feel engaged and valued stay with us and achieve higher productivity. Therefore, we regularly meet our people in a variety of settings and encourage them to talk freely. We want to hear what they have to say about us and make sure they understand our business ambitions.

Developing our people

Our ability to satisfy our clients rests on the skills of our people, so training and development aren’t optional extras. We want all our people to feel fully equipped to make the most of any challenges that come their way. 

Our training covers a broad range of subjects and is available in a variety of formats. It includes programmes leading to formal vocational qualifications.

Everyone’s included

Training group

We welcome applications from everyone – regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic background, faith or disability. We’re interested only in skills and aptitude – not in the category someone happens to fall into.

Staying safe and healthy

We actively promote the health and wellbeing of our people – over and above what’s required legally. Our people receive full training and we run regular campaigns to ensure people are aware of the risks that they need to guard against. All this comes together at a senior level in the company – with a group safety, health and environment director tasked with driving the message home.

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