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We take a proactive approach to good environmental management across all our business activities.

Our environmental management policies enable us to meet our own statutory obligations, meet our clients expectations, share our expertise with our suppliers to support them in their objectives, manage environmental risk, and maintain our reputation.

What else do we do?

  • We minimise resource use at all our sites – focusing our efforts on energy reduction.
  • We manage waste and work with our facilities provider to recycle as much as possible We work collaboratively with other tenants in multi-occupancy buildings.
  • We’re continually striving to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption and promoting alternatives to business travel, such as increased use of conference calls. We even hold one of the government approved Carbon Saver Gold Awards.
  • We use technology – such as smart meters – where we can, to drive down consumption even further.
  • We run a rolling programme of server consolidation – data centres are very power hungry.
  • We encourage our people to use public transport where it’s possible and we run a cycle to work scheme.
  • We run awareness and behavioural change campaign weeks around ‘Going Green’ - such as Capita Green Week - to encourage employees to consider their environmental impact at home as well as work, with promotional activities, information and energy-saving ideas.

What did we achieve in 2016?

  • Our carbon emissions reduced by 2% in comparison to the previous year, taking us from 111,173tonnesCO2eq to 108,613 tonnesCO2eq
  • Our carbon intensity decreased by 7.4%, exceeding our target of 4.5%
  • We reduced our energy consumption by 8%, equating to £1m savings
  • We recycled an impressive 3,580 tonnes of paper and 12,422 mobile phone and printer cartridges

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