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CR strategy and approach

At Capita, being a responsible business means that we operate with integrity, securely and transparently.

It involves creating a culture for our employees that is inclusive, inspiring and supportive. It allows us to innovate and deliver smarter services for our clients. These allow us to make a positive contribution to society, both through the services we provide as well as through our community investment programmes. Further, it gives us the opportunity to work collaboratively with our clients to support their own CR agendas.

To deliver this we have developed a framework based around our 4 priority areas that has been identified with our stakeholders through our materiality exercise and we have aligned our activities to them. Our strategy is underpinned by our values – Open, Ingenious, Collaborative and Effective. Our values and their associated behaviours shape who we are as an organisation and our success is based on living these values, applying them to how we act and work every day.

By being a responsible business we:

  • create a financially stable, sustainable business, that is attractive to long term investors
  • ensure that we attract and retain the right people
  • manage risks and achieve cost savings
  • differentiate ourselves from our competitors
  • enhance our reputation making us a business that our clients and potential clients want to work with
  • do the right thing in our local communities, grow our business and help us deliver our purpose – unlocking value.

Delivering our strategy

We employ 70,000 people across the company and we use their broad range of skills and expertise to help us deliver our strategy. We also partner with our clients, suppliers and other business partners to maximise the positive impact of our activities.

We already have a well-established network of employees who are actively involved in this agenda and we are committed to building on this, ensuring we collaborate with employees from right across the Group. Employees are also given the time to volunteer in their local communities. We recognise our employees’ involvement with our CR activities through our employee recognition scheme, the Capita People Awards.

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