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Stakeholder engagement

We engage with, affect and create value for a wide range of stakeholders. We communicate with them regularly to ensure that we understand clearly what they expect of us, and listen carefully to what they're telling us about how they think we're doing. We use this information in our decision-making to help set the future direction of our activities.

Shareholders and socially responsible investment analysts

Our investors need to know that we’re growing and delivering value, and that we have the right processes in place to manage risk. We meet them regularly, hold roadshows, and maintain a flow of news of interest them.


Clients want to know that we’re listening to them, creating the services they need, saving them money and making their organisations more efficient. We hold regular meetings with our clients where we review our progress, and run frequent user satisfaction surveys so we know exactly what our clients’ customers think of what we’re providing.


Our people want a supportive workplace where they are valued, have clear career opportunities and learning path, and are treated equally and without discrimination. We support these aspirations with performance reviews, internal campaigns, employee surveys and roadshows. Above all, we have an open door policy.


Suppliers want to be treated fairly, to work collaboratively with us and to build mutually beneficial relationships. We hold regular meetings with our contractors and we have a thorough registration and assessment process. 


Local communities want us to have a positive impact on their neighbourhoods, to stimulate local economies and to help regenerate and invest in local areas. We hold widespread consultations with community groups, recruit locally where we can, hold workshops in local schools and encourage our people to volunteer.

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