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We want the goods and services we buy to be provided by suppliers with the highest ethical standards, in line with our responsible sourcing policy.

At the same time, we encourage diversity among our suppliers, treat them fairly, deal with them openly and stick to our contract terms.

  • We use our purchasing power to secure the best value for us and our clients
  • We create efficiency, generate savings and reduce risks across our operations by managing our supply chains effectively
  • We invest in local economies by using local suppliers where we can
  • We work with small suppliers, social entrepreneurs and the third sector to help them develop their business so that they can compete more widely
  • We work with our suppliers to help improve their environmental and social performance

Responsible sourcing

Our policy sets out the standards we adhere to and what we expect from our suppliers. Our objective is to do everything we can to assist them to improve their performance and help them meet our standards. This way we can monitor compliance as well as seek new opportunities for collaboration.

In light of the new UK Modern Slavery Act which came into force in 2015, we have set out the steps we have taken in 2016 to ensure that slavery is not taking place within our supply chain or any part of our business in our Modern Slavery Statement.

Consistency among suppliers

We ask suppliers to register on our assessment portal to ensure consistency across the group. Tendering is handled through the portal and this gives all organisations, regardless of size, the chance to work with us. We have introduced a system that allows us to capture information about our suppliers’ green credentials to ensure that they too practice responsible sourcing.

Improving suppliers performance

We want our suppliers to be the best they can – it’s in our interest and in our clients. For this reason, we work closely with them to improve their performance, and to ensure that they are constantly striving to reduce their social and environmental impact.

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