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Adult social care

The local authorities we talk to agree that adult social care is by far the biggest financial challenge they face at the moment.

And the reasons are threefold:

  • Demand – there is increasing pressure on the care system – adults with long-term health conditions are living longer and the number of people aged 85+, the age most likely to need care, is rising faster than the population as a whole. As a result, resources and accommodation (care homes, sheltered accommodation, etc) are stretched.
  • Cuts – government cuts have resulted in a £4.6bn reduction in social care budgets in England since 2011, which represents 31% in real terms.
  • Regulation – the requirements of the 2014 Care Act have meant an increase in local authority responsibilities and changes to the way councils must work from April 2015.

We have services and solutions targeted at addressing these issues, and helping local authorities meet the requirements of the Care Act. As experts in delivery and implementation, Capita has a clear understanding of both health and social care and can deploy support models that will help you achieve better outcomes, through:

Six innovative propositions for adult social care

Lower costs, prevent demand and free up care professionals to deliver essential services for your community


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