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Corporate support services

With resource and expenditure being scrutinised more than ever, it’s vital that administrative services perform at low cost and also make a valuable contribution to the overall change effort of the organisation.

Front-line services are always more politically attractive than back-office costs, yet many of the core central services support front line staff, and engage with citizens, and it can be a diseconomy to cut them back.  We differentiate between transactional services which should be as cheap as possible, (through economies of scale and cost-effective new technologies) and value-adding central services such as analytics, asset management and digital transformation.

We can work with you to improve efficiency of transactional services if you want to have them in-house, or we can offer a range of specific options to deliver them for you – possibly on a backlog-busting, top-up or out-of-hours basis, or as a fully managed service.  When it comes to the value-added services you can access the investment we have made with our innovation partners in areas such as analytics and insight, commercialisation and asset optimisation, either by purchasing these services as needed, or working with us to develop or augment your in-house teams. 

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