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Community investment

We try to make a positive impact on the neighbourhoods where our people work and live, helping improve the social and economic development of their communities.

We have a number of programmes focusing on key issues in the markets that we operate in and actively support national issues like youth unemployment, as well as backing local social enterprise initiatives with practical help. Where we can, we work collaboratively on these initiatives with local businesses, our suppliers and our clients. We also partner and collaborate with other organisations and charities that work in these areas, to create mutually beneficial opportunities. 

In 2015 our total community investment was £2.3 million including £212,000 in donations for our corporate charity partnership and £33,500 in support of employees’ fundraising for local charities and community groups.

At a broader level we are contributing to the wider economy and supporting the regeneration of communities – by creating jobs, paying salaries, and working with local suppliers, as well as through the profits we pay shareholders. We share our skills and expertise to support local projects through our active support for employee volunteering schemes. In return, this benefits our business by giving our employees opportunities to develop skills outside the workplace, improving their morale and raising their levels of commitment. This in turn feeds into one of our most important HR goals – the maximising of employee retention rates.

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