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Wholesale financial services

We provide the infrastructure, services and expertise through which assets are secured or deployed.

We protect investors, safeguard assets and facilitate the free-flow of capital; and play a unique role in supporting clients involved in the creation, facilitation and utilisation of capital market flows, providing solutions in both the primary and secondary markets. We have a particular focus on:

  • Investors seeking to create and protect wealth
  • Investment managers generating returns
  • Growth companies striving to succeed
  • Local government driving investment.

Helping lenders manage debt

We deliver administration and servicing for all types of secured and collateralised loans. We can assist throughout the full loan lifecycle from origination to debt recovery.

Our solutions include:

  • Loan servicing
  • Loan workout
  • Non-performing loan (NPL) solutions
  • Collateralised loan obligation (CLO) solutions
  • Special purpose vehicles
  • Credit risk analytics. 

Services for investment managers

We have dedicated teams in the UK, Ireland and Jersey providing administration and governance services for investment firms of all sizes, and for a wide range of asset classes. 

These include:

  • Authorised Fund Manager (ACD / ACS / AUTM)
  • Alternative Investment Fund Manager
  • Management company solutions
  • Fund accounting
  • Fund listing services
  • Transfer agent / registrar
  • Offshore fund services
  • Private equity fund services
  • Real estate and infrastructure fund services
  • Custody and depositary services
  • Loan servicing and work out (including NPLs / distressed debt)
  • SPV administration.

Shareholder and investment management

As the UK’s largest registrar, we offer a range of services to assist corporates and funds in managing their shareholders and investors.

Our wide range of registration services cater for companies of all sizes, across all industries. We manage member registers for publicly listed and unlisted companies and retails bonds. We also provide a leading transfer agency (TA) and registrar service to various fund and asset types.

Our services include:

  • Share registration
  • Employee share plans
  • Investor relations
  • Corporate and employee share dealing
  • Transfer agency and fund registrar.

Services to owners and managers of assets

We help institutional investors and corporate and private clients to utilise capital markets through many different investment vehicles including funds, trusts, special purpose vehicles (SPV), securitisations and direct investments.

We provide a wide range of trustee, administration and treasury solutions in the UK and Europe including:

  • Investment advisory services
  • Cash management and foreign exchange
  • Managed trust companies
  • Trust and foundation services
  • SPV administration
  • Loan servicing
  • Real estate services
  • Family office and private trust companies
  • Wealth management and succession planning.

Listing services for issuers and advisory services for borrowers

Our solutions support clients looking to raise capital (issuers) or acquire assets (borrowers). 

We assist clients wishing to raise capital through flotation with a range of services throughout the initial public offering (IPO) process. We also support listed and unlisted companies with mini-bond offerings and other corporate actions.

For those looking to acquire assets, our finance and lease advisory services can help you identify the best funding options, securing cost savings. Our escrow and special purpose vehicle (SPV) services can then help you facilitate the transaction securely and efficiently.

Our services include:

  • IPO and registration services
  • Depositary Interests
  • Mini bond issuance
  • Offshore fund listing
  • Corporate actions
  • Asset finance and lease advisory
  • Aviation leasing
  • Real estate finance
  • SPV administration
  • Escrow services.

Business management and corporate structuring services

Whether you’re a private client forming a new company or a corporate entering a period of growth, we offer a range of services to help you manage your business.

We can support you with company set-up, outsourced company secretarial, accounting and payroll services, plus employee benefit scheme administration. As well as providing employee solutions, we can also help you resolve any issues with your customers through our remediation and complaints management services.

Services include:

  • Company formation and administration
  • Company secretarial
  • Finance and accountancy
  • IPO services
  • Employee solutions
  • Financial and back-office administration
  • Remediation and complaints management.

Financial services for local authorities

Government deficits have meant cuts in local budgets. We help local authorities to maximise their limited resources through alternative funding methods, cash management and treasury advisory services.

Our solutions include:

  • Asset finance and lease advisory
  • Treasury advisory
  • Local Authority Mortgage Schemes
  • Pension scheme trustee
  • Authorised contractual schemes
  • Loan origination for infrastructure
  • Payment collection and debt recovery.

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