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Travel and events

Our unique business travel and event management capabilities can take care of all your travel, accommodation and events needs, while helping to reduce costs and drive up quality.

We're the UK’s leading specialist travel and event management company with over £500 million customer spend under management and a team of over 900 travel and event professionals. We have brought together the leading specialists in business travel, accommodation, meetings and events to create one powerfully unique business.

Our multi-specialist approach gives you all the benefits with no compromises. Whether you choose one specialist service, all of them, or a combination, we provide trusted and proven expertise through one coherent solution. Our focus on technology and data insight both supports our expertise in enhancing the travellers experience and enables our customers to maximise their travel and event programmes.

We help you:

  • travel - we enable and manage the entire journey, offering an end-to-end service that saves time and money
  • stay -  we have the people and the expertise to help you choose the perfect accommodation properties and hotels
  • connect - discover  the outstanding and fitting venues that make for effective meetings and memorable events; from the small and straightforward to the large and elaborate.

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