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Capita facts 2016 archive

We support clients across a range of sectors, including local government, central government, education, transport, health, life and pensions, insurance, and other private sector organisations. And we support them with expertise from across our business.

Capita facts gives you a flavour of the variety of work we are involved in delivering. 

Capita has been recognised by Forbes as one of the most innovative companies in the world

Intelligence-led and forward thinking innovations has seen Forbes rank Capita as one of the most innovative companies in the world

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Capita manages over 100 million customer interactions each year, that’s more than ¼ million every single day

At Capita we don’t just take phone calls, we have conversations with customers through lots of channels including: webchat, email, text, and social media.

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Capita's mobile working solution is helping social housing providers deal with a repair every 5 seconds

From inspections to repairs, mobile workers have quick and easy access to the data needed to complete their jobs whilst on the move. 

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Capita helped design and deliver the quietest building the world

Hailed as the quietest building in the world, the centre provides state-of-the-art specialised laboratories where vibration and acoustic noise levels are among the lowest anywhere in the world.

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Capita helps around 12,000 children and young people learn to swim each week through and outdoor education programme

Our outdoor educational services helps make a difference to schools, children and young people’s lives.

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Capita is using virtual reality to transform the way the British Army attracts candidates

Our interactive approach to recruitment has resulted in better engagement with visitors to Army events.

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Capita translates n-game content for avid gamers within 3-6 hours allowing them to get their content and game updates almost instantaneously.

Capita is helping the gaming industry translate their products and ensure they are culturally relevant, all in a matter of hours.

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Capita is helping Genomics England store 100,000 gnomes as part of a project to provide diagnosis and more effective treatment to NHS patients

Research into DNA hopes to provide valuable diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases. Capita is helping Genomics England achieve this.

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Capita manages one of the largest telco customer service outsourced partnerships in the world

Our skill, knowledge and technology allows us to transform client’s customer management operations, placing the right people in the right locations who can adapt and represent a client’s brand.

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Every four seconds Capita books someone a rail journey

Capita Travel and Events brings together leading specialists in business travel, accommodation, meetings and events with over 40 years’ experience.  

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Capita's software helps identify, protect and support victims of modern day slavery at a national level by bringing together multiple organisations and a network of staff and volunteers

Capita provides The Salvation Army with software tools to help support to people at risk.

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Capita's software enables the electronic tagging and tracing system for DEFRA, which records the movement of sheep, goats and deer

Capita has introduced a new method of recording livestock, saving farmers and taxpayers an estimated £68million over 10 years.

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Managed by Capita, the energy industry's data communications service goes live this year. It allows the mass roll out of smart gas and electricity meters to 30 million homes and small businesses across Great Britain.

Capita's technology will transform Great Britain’s energy sector and give consumers greater control over their energy use.

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The work of Entrust, the joint venture between Capita and Staffordshire County Council, resulted in Ofsted rating the quality of school improvement as good or better in over 95% of inspections

Capita’s Entrust is the fastest growing school-to-school support partner in England. 

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Capita provided structural engineering services on the scheme to redevelop Wimbledon's Centre Court, including it's retractable roof

Capita's engineering services assisted in the redevelopment of Wimbledon's Centre Court.

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