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Capita has introduced a new method of recording livestock, saving farmers and taxpayers an estimated £68million over 10 years

As a means of managing animal disease risks, traceability and quality assurance, all farmers are required to identify and trace their moving livestock. Before technology was introduced to this process, farmers were tasked with recording and storing this information on paper.

A time consuming and expensive method, too many resources were being utilised causing it to become a burden. With the risk of inaccurate recordings due to human error from manual recording at an all-time high, the constant fear of losing track of livestock and missing potential animal diseases affecting livestock and livelihoods, it was decided that e-reporting was the only high level solution to these problems. 

In 2014, DEFRA chose SouthWestern Business Process Services in partnership with Capita’s AMT-SYBEX to develop an online recording and electronic tagging system for sheep, goat and deer. This method would provide farmers with an easier, quicker, more effective and accurate way of recording information allowing them to identify their herd anytime, anywhere. Already utilised by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, this transition to an electronic system is estimated to save farmers £560,000 and taxpayers £6.8million over the next 10 years.

This convenient and straight forward model also provides a central database to store all movement and activity which also opens up opportunities within the farming industry, to use the information stored to people’s own benefit.  

AMT-SYBEX has also been utilised in other industries, for example; providing mobile software that helps Network Rail manage the entire UK rail network. It also provides software helping National Grid manage and optimise the life of the U.K. transmission network.

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