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Capita is helping the gaming industry translate their products and ensure they are culturally relevant, all in a matter of hours

As the gaming industry continues to grow, so does its appeal. Gaming is becoming a favourite pastime for male and female, old and young around the world.

When taking on a global market, companies must take into account how their content will be consumed by a worldwide audience and prepare accordingly. Cultural relevancy and language are key concerns and in today’s society, waiting months, weeks or even a few days for an update is no longer acceptable. Capita Translation and Interpreting help companies tackle these challenges in order to meet consumer demands.

A personalised and high quality product is designed with the countries culture and language in mind and our technology is not restricted by time zones, human involvement or engineering. We offer game localisation services enabling language and culturally appropriate games to reach consumers around the world as quickly as possible.

Our localisation service includes:

  • Localisation testing – allowing for translations and culturally relevant games to be made
  • Agile localisation – 24/7 service, ensures updates can be made anytime, anywhere
  • Quality review – allows real time reviews to ensure we are providing a high quality service.

Companies benefit from a quick response, rapid turnaround time and costs savings from translation management, ensuring maximised customer satisfaction and engagement. 

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