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Capita manage the customer journey across all channels

Capita manages over 100 million customer interactions each year, that's more than 1/4 million every single day

We look after your most important asset – your customers. It’s what we’ve been doing for over 40 years.

These 100 million conversations and interactions a year put us in a unique position - they are all creating a mass of useful data. We’re translating what we learn from these data insights to hone our clients’ contact centre operations and transform their customers’ experiences all the time.

We work on behalf of some of Britain’s biggest brands across a wide range of sectors such as retail, automotive and utilities.

Capita recruits and trains more staff in the UK than any other outsourced service provider. We are experts in managing peak periods for our clients – doubling workforce in just a few weeks to meet the demands of busy times such as Black Friday, Christmas, winter and major sporting events.

Our solution:

At Capita we don’t just take phone calls, we have conversations with customers through lots of channels including: webchat, email, text, and social media. Our market-leading data analytics and insight team provides insight that helps drive intelligent actions beyond the contact centre – solutions that answer real problems for real customers. So they see you responding to them faster, and smarter, than ever before.

The framework we use to deliver that has been built from the ground up. The bedrock, which it’s founded on, is using our experience to continually develop your customer service to a point of cost-efficient excellence. On top of that foundation, we build an effortless customer experience step by step that is designed to make their lives simple. Then we fuel performance further with a combination of hands on experience and 3D data and technology solutions – to drive up your revenues.

Our results:

  • Our commitment to looking after your customers is so strong that we have the confidence to underwrite your success commercially
  • Reduced costs by delivering a more efficient customer service operation with continuous improvement
  • Increased revenue helping acquire, retain and upsell to more customers and support collections:
    • we helped one retail client improve their CSAT score by 10% in just 8 weeks
    • we helped one major high street retailer secure more than £1m of sales in just one day.

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