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Capita provides The Salvation Army with the software tools to help support people at risk from modern day slavery

Capita's software helps identify, protect and support victims of modern day slavery at a national level

For some, the reality of modern day slavery is all too real with human trafficking continuing to occur behind closed doors at an alarming rate and on a global scale.

As the horror stories of exploitation continue to emerge, charities such as The Salvation Army are on the forefront of those who are working tirelessly to help and protect those that are affected. As well as their provision of support such as; counselling, access to psychological support, education and emergency medical treatment, The Salvation Army also provide specialist support.

With the assistance of Capita Software Services, The Salvation Army are able to equip their network of staff and volunteers with the tools to provide support services to people at risk. Our software offers a secure platform for identifying potential victims, carrying out need and risk assessments, providing care services to the co-ordination of relocating victims to safe environments amongst others services. Since the beginning of our partnership in 2011, more than 2,800 potential victims have been supported.

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