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Each week Capita helps children and young people learn to swim

Capita helps around 12,000 children and young people learn how to swim each week through an outdoor education programme

Entrust is a pioneering joint venture company between Staffordshire County Council and Capita to provide education support services in the county.  Its goal is to ensure that every child and young person:

  • receives a good education
  • is in a safe and healthy environment
  • is given expert guidance to realise their full potential.

That goes beyond just the classroom to physical activity, including swimming.

Nowadays there’s a sharp focus on the role schools play in fostering a lifelong habit of physical activity. Active children tend do better in school. Regular physical activity leads to better behaviour, attendance and academic performance. Similarly, active schools do better as a whole. Classrooms consisting of physically active children are easier to manage.

The county is committed to providing curriculum-focussed swimming and water safety teaching for their pupils to get them to their Key Stage 2 (swimming 25 metres in a recognised stroke) by year 6. This helps with their transition into secondary school. The council needed a programme to ensure they met this requirements with clear cost control.

Our solution:

As part of our outdoors education services, we provide a full ‘one stop shop’ provision including swimming teachers, pool space and transport. We liaise with transport and leisure providers to assist with the fulfilment of our programme across over 25 venues and we have a team of over 35 fully qualified swimming teachers to deliver lessons at all venues.

The results:

  • quality swimming lessons
  • day-to-day operational management by Entrust, leaving schools to focus on teaching, learning and assessment
  • scale of support, including continuity of service during staff absences.

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