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In partnership with Staffordshire County Council, Capita’s Entrust is the fastest growing school-to-school support partner in England

The work of Entrust, the joint venture between Capita and Staffordshire County Council, resulted in Ofsted rating the quality of school improvement as good or better in over 95% of inspections

An education and skills provider, Entrust works with schools, academies and local authorities to provide specialist expert support services.

It aims to transform support services made available to schools, helping young people realise their potential, share best practices across the country and provide a safe and healthy environment. A variety of educational services are available such as I.T., school improvements and HR, which are tailored to meet every school and academy’s needs.

Since 2012, the performance of schools across Staffordshire have improved, with increased Ofsted ratings such as:

  • a 26% increase in the number of Staffordshire schools judged to be good or outstanding 
  • over 25,000 more Staffordshire pupils are now in good or outstanding schools

With over 700 schools being catered to, not only are young people benefitting from the long term investment in their future, the support services are protected from funding cuts. The long term economic and financial benefits from Entrust are unmatched. 

Many initiatives have since been launched to stimulate interest amongst students within specific industries, allowing them to apply what they are learning. For example, Manufacturer JCB believe that an interest in a career in engineering starts in school and that their project offers the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of engineering development processes and how they work.

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