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Our mobile working solution is used to deliver better and faster services

Capita's mobile working solution is helping social housing providers deal  with a repair every 5 seconds

Using technology to drive efficiencies in mobile working continues to be a focus for social housing providers. It’s a critical way to drive up citizen experience and reduce costs.

Siloed legacy systems and processes often meant that there was little flexibility in scheduling jobs and reacting to situations such as operatives running late or booking emergency orders.

Our solution:

Over 40% of social housing providers in the UK rely on our complete housing solution. We create and implement feature-rich and fully scaleable solutions that help providers of all sizes.

Mobile workers can get secure and easy access to everything they need to do their jobs from their mobile device while on the move, from inspections to repairs, managing rent arrears and much more. With tasks actioned, updated, generated and logged much more efficiently, this intelligent, scalable product gives social housing providers the power to provide much better services for much less money.

Armed with secure, mobile access to all the data and processes they need, mobile workers are able to complete a multitude of tasks while out on site – simultaneously boosting productivity and improving customer satisfaction.

The results:

  • social housing providers can now deliver better, faster services while cutting their costs
  • enhanced customer experience
  • boosted productivity of the workforce secure, comprehensive and constant two-way flow of information between mobile devices and back office systems means instant access to up-to-date information for decision-making
  • flexible technology, which can be phased in means there’s no requirement for organisation-wide IT changes
  • more sustainable working practices and improves compliance.

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