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Virtual reality is being used to attract recruits to the British Army

Capita is using virtual reality to transform the way the British Army attracts candidates

The Army is always recruiting. Each year it needs to attract thousands of people into full and part-time roles across over 200 jobs, from chefs to communication specialists.

Capita has partnered with the Army since 2013 to deliver the end-to-end recruitment process from attracting candidates, to getting them through selection and onto training.

Low awareness of Army recruiting, the range of jobs and the experiences open to a recruit mean marketing attraction campaigns have to work harder and have greater impact.

Joining the Army is a big decision. But, it’s hard to think of any other job that offers the same level of excitement and discovery. We needed to convey this in an innovative way that demonstrated what’s unique about an Army career. The best way to do this, was to put people in the shoes of a soldier. We wanted something that drove a much deeper connection – more than just reading words in a brochure or leaflet.

Our solution:

As well as integrated advertising campaigns, a key element of the Army’s marketing programme is face-to-face events. Working with the Army, we run hundreds of events each year throughout the country, from large-scale careers shows to tailored college presentations.

We introduced virtual reality to these events to give them standout and give candidates an unforgettable experience. Now, visitors to our events can put on a headset and step straight into an exciting real-world Army scenario – from driving a tank to parachuting, to going on adventurous training.

The results:

  • an immersive experience encouraging better engagement on our event stands
  • exciting demonstration of the thrill of being in the Army
  • industry recognition – the work won the best outdoor, events and experiential campaign at the 2016 RAD awards.

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