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Taking your business operations to a nearshore centre gives you considerable flexibility in the choice of operating model for your business.

We currently have business centres in the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and in Poland.

Our shared service centre in Poland is multi-lingual and offers a range of services, from the complete outsourcing of entire business units to managing complex processes or more simple transactions.

Our blended delivery model, which combines services managed in both the UK and Poland, gives you exceptional flexibility and accessibility.

The flexibility of our solutions makes us equally attractive to:

  • large, more experienced organisations that have identified specific business areas as suitable for offshore/nearshore outsourcing, or already have experience of offshoring or nearshoring and want improvements to the service they’re receiving
  • small and medium size organisations
  • companies just embarking on creating a nearshore capacity.


  • is Europe’s number one nearshoring destination
  • has a highly qualified EU workforce
  • has at least 20% lower cost than equivalent UK people
  • has strong European language skills
  • is easy to get to from the UK – 30 flights a week and 2 hours from most European centres.

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