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Delivering service from the optimum global location. Our global delivery model can increase operational efficiency and flexibility, reduce the cost to serve and improve customer satisfaction.

The global delivery model means that you can use one or multiple centres, all managed through one local, UK-based client interface. Standardised reporting and governance is guaranteed, plus you’ll have access to the specific and unique benefits of each of our offshore locations.

You can expect seamless and sure-footed transition whether you’re moving an entire business unit, a series of complex interlocking processes or a set of simple transactions.

The flexibility of our solutions is equally suited to:

  • large, more experienced organisations that have identified specific business areas as suitable for offshore outsourcing, or already have experience of offshoring and want improvements to the service they’re receiving
  • small and medium size organisations
  • companies just embarking on creating an offshore capacity.

We can provide:

  • a proven integrated onshore/offshore delivery model established in the early 2000s
  • deep process capability, operational flexibility and sector expertise ranging from financial services across the entire spectrum of process complexity, through to one of the largest retail operations in Indian business process management
  • a track record in delivering the highest operational standards offshore 
  • a robust and repeatedly proven transition and transformation process.

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