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We have a long history of established and successful partnerships with our clients - and we are open to new and innovative arrangements.

Service agreements - the traditional model

A service agreement gives you straightforward access to the wide range of resources and services we can provide. They are relatively quick and simple to set up. The employees involved either transfer their employment to us under TUPE terms; or are seconded to us for the duration of the contract.

We are among the UK’s most experienced in this kind of arrangement – some 70% of our employees have transferred under a service agreement. 

Joint venture company (JV) - creating a new legal entity

We operate a number of JVs with our clients. Each has the governance, share structures, objectives, constitutions and memberships that suit their circumstances. 

By combining our capabilities with the expertise, capabilities and assets of client organisations, we can increase the value that can be generated.

Examples include the Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera), our joint venture with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to operate the Food and Environment Research Agency; Axelos, with the Cabinet Office, to promote and grow the Best Management Practice portfolio; and our local government joint ventures with, for example, Barnet Council

Shared services - meeting peak demand

A shared services arrangement is a well-established and highly flexible way to reduce your budget and maximise efficiency. 

We maintain an infrastructure of more than 2,000 dedicated specialist teams that you can call on to meet peaks in demand. Each stable, high-performing team has access to a wide range of additional resources.

You will benefit from the lower costs associated with our economies of scale, from the certainty that you can cope with the unexpected, and from the resilience and high quality that comes from our specialist experience.

A partner for change

If you want to deliver an outcome, but with a more short term and flexible arrangement, we can deploy key talent and resources from within Capita to work with you as part of an integrated team. Here we don’t run your operation, or service, but help you to drive changes and to implement ways of working that will improve the way you work. We’re flexible around the commercial arrangements too; we often operate on a contingency model, with our fees based on our clients’ success – and can offer guarantees around delivering those outcomes.


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