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Shared services

Sharing central resources and standardising procurement helps to save money and improve efficiency.

We have substantial experience of operating shared service centres running a broad range of back-office functions – HR and payroll, finance, pension administration, grant programmes, procurement and travel administration. We currently have 64 business centres onshore in the UK, nearshore in Ireland, the Channel Islands and Europe, and offshore in India.

We are the leading public sector supplier of infrastructures to support the expanding shared service market. As we progressively grow our operations and resources, we are gradually growing the opportunities for sharing services, and giving you greater access to specialist skills and flexible service delivery models.

We are also actively exploring opportunities for new types of shared services – supporting social enterprises and mutuals in the development of business plans, back-office business control systems and through investment and mentoring services.

The UK government’s cabinet office now requires all government departments to use approved framework contracts to procure shared goods and services. We are an approved government supplier for a wide range of services, including HR, IT, property and travel administration.

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