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What next for our emergency services?

A crisis gives us permission.

When we don’t have the time to take baby steps we are forced into a position of innovation and creativity. Leaps we didn’t believe possible are just that.

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Joanna Brown

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Make better decisions with the latest Covid-19 intelligence

Our daily lives are being transformed fundamentally by the Covid-19 pandemic. Making sense of a mass of evolving information shared through multiple sources is tough.

Using cutting-edge technology, Monatair, part of Capita Consulting, has brought together trusted information from across the globe into a single source. Refreshing every 3 hours, this dashboard will allow you to interact and explore current trends.

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Responding to the new normal

Experiencing disruption on an unprecedented scale, we’ve been forced to innovate and reinvent the way we live, work and learn. As we look ahead, what can we begin to expect from the new normal?

Rethinking innovation in the next normal

As evolving technologies play a vital role, learning comes outside of the classroom and organisations are forced to change their approach to working. Access the latest insights on how disruption drives innovation from Ismail Amla, Capita’s Chief Growth Officer, and academic and entrepreneur, Vivek Wadwha.

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The new normal: Tackling the Covid-19 challenge

In our series of webinars held in partnership with Rees Draper Wright, we’re joined by business leaders as we explore how organisations can successfully navigate the challenges of Covid-19 and support their workforces in the move to the new normal.


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