The biggest challenge every retailer is facing is how they can engage more with their customers to drive sales revenue.

This is why Alan Linter, Digital Innovation Director at Capita and Michael Valdsgaard, CEO of London Dynamics joined forces to emphasise how technology can revolutionise the shopping experience for consumers.

Join Alan and Michael in this 40-minute virtual session, where you will learn how combining augmented reality and conversational AI has huge benefits for consumers and retailers, including how it can boost sales while creating a unique and immersive shopping experience.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why Augmented Reality is fast becoming the future of online shopping
  • The tangible benefits of adopting AR into your sales journeys - how quick and easy it is to deploy
  • How Conversational AI can assist customers in their end-to-end journey, from finding the item they’re looking for, through to adding to their basket
  • The power of combining Artificial Intelligence with Augmented Reality to create the Shop Assistant of the future

Watch this webinar now

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