A chance to build back better?

Over the past 18 months we’ve faced immense change in every facet of our lives. But history has taught us that disruption brings about innovation, builds resilience and presents an opportunity to view life after the pandemic as a new frontier.

In our exclusive new research, conducted in partnership with YouGov, we’re exploring how organisations are planning for the post-pandemic rebuild. What are our opportunities to rethink, reimagine, and reset?

Each quarter we are asking senior decision makers across government, financial services and critical infrastructure about how the past year has impacted them, their organisations and their industries along with their outlook for the year ahead

The great opportunity

Our research

Optimism for a brighter future?

Pulse 1: March 2021: In our first pulse survey of the year, we focused on the impact of 2020 and asked senior decision makers about the changes & challenges they had experienced and their outlook for the year ahead.

Explore our Pulse 1 research

An accelerated recovery?

Pulse 2: June 2021: Our second pulse survey showed how sentiment has changed since our first pulse & took a deep dive into key areas affecting businesses: productivity, inequality, data, wellbeing, & returning to work.

Explore our Pulse 2 research

Adjusting to a changing world?

Pulse 3: October 2021: Our third pulse survey reveals how senior decision makers are adapting positively and takes a closer look at the issues of sustainability, future living and reskilling.

Explore our Pulse 3 research

The resilience, adaptability and creativity that individuals, organisations and industries have displayed over the past 12 months demonstrates what is possible. It’s been inspiring and represents a great opportunity to reimagine and rebuild.

Katja Hall, Chief Corporate Affairs and Marketing Officer, Capita

Results dashboard

Listen to our audio summary of Pulse 1 results

350 business leaders surveyed, across 3 sectors, refecting back on 2020 and ahead into 2021.

In this podcast, Head of the Capita Institute Oli Freestone examines the key findings from the Institute’s survey of what business leaders really think about the events of the last 12 or so months – and what we should be focusing on now. Oli is joined by experts from the Government, Financial Services and Critical Infrastructure sectors.

Listen to our audio summary of Pulse 2 results

How has sentiment changed as senior decision makers move further into 2021?

For this second podcast, Head of the Capita Institute Oli Freestone digs into the Institute's Pulse 2 survey, including some of the key themes that the research explores: productivity, inequality, data, wellbeing, and the return to work. Oli is again joined by experts, who provide their feedback on the results and analyse the trends that have emerged.

Our latest thinking on the great opportunity debate

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