Easing the pressure on local authority teams

Many communities and local businesses are increasingly dependent on the services provided by local authorities. So it’s no surprise that the current unrelenting demand is putting pressure on resources - and your people - as your teams strive to deliver the best service and support.

So how can you ease the burden while continuing to meet the growing needs and expectations of citizens and local businesses? 

Manage peaks in demand with our resilience services

We offer a range of services to boost your resources so you can manage those peaks in workload. From processing benefits claims and collecting revenue, to building control compliance, public protection, planning applications, property asset services and out-of-hours emergency customer service, we help prevent team burnout by making their workload more manageable.

Expert support when you need it 

Our dedicated resilience workforce can be ready to support you in just a few weeks, taking the strain off your people with a range of services, including:


Benefits processing

Our skilled, experienced benefits administrators ensure support reaches the most vulnerable in society as soon as possible.


Revenue collections

Our revenues and collections team collect help to maximise distribute revenue collection so more can be invested into local services.


Out-of-hours customer services

Our experienced call handlers provide vital emergency assistance to support citizens around the clock.


Planning and building control

Flexible, on-demand access to our planning and building control professionals for planning policy work, development management, building standards compliance, structural appraisals and much more.


Property asset management

Providing funding application support, property maintenance and compliance, asset optimisation, facilities management and more.


Public protection

Regulatory services including environmental health and local land charging, trading standards and licensing to maintain public safety.


Grant management service

Specialised automated case management which brings together data from multiple sources, enabling applications to be validated and processed more quickly and efficiently.

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Our expertise

Emergency out of hours service

Some things can’t wait until office hours. Critical situations like emergency homelessness, social services support for vulnerable people, environmental health incidents and urgent highway issues need your immediate attention, whatever the time of day or night. 

Already answering 220,000+ public sector out-of-hours calls each year, our emergency out-of-hours service gives public sector bodies around the country access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced customer service agents to respond to crisis situations without delay. This is accessible via national frameworks so you can easily procure the call handling service without having to go through the OJEU process.

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Revenues & benefits resilience

Benefits are a vital source of income for many people, from job seekers to society’s most vulnerable. With so many lives depending on them, it’s never been more important to get funds to those who need it swiftly and accurately.  Revenues collection also remains crucial, delivering key income to help keep local services going.

Currently providing 16,500 hours of resilience services every month to strengthen local council teams, our experts help process faster, accurate benefit payments and collect revenues such as council tax with sensitivity to those who may be experiencing difficulties at the moment. Whether you have a surge in claims and/or staff unable to work, we can start immediately on flexible contracts, ensuring you can safeguard important income and support those communities who need it most.

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Planning & building control

Whatever the resource and demand challenges, we know local authorities have to continue  to provide high quality development and building control services for local residents. 

Delivering 14,000 hours of planning resilience support across some 100 UK local authorities, we offer immediate, flexible, on-demand access to our planning professionals for planning policy, development management and specialist support services. We also manage all aspects of building control, including design appraisals, sustainability and building standards advice, site inspections, structural appraisals and much more. Delivering 96% of building regulations applications on time, you can be sure of a cost-effective and reliable service.

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Property asset management

Our property experts have been supporting the public sector with their properties for over 20 years, including local authority buildings, social housing, schools, universities, leisure centres, hospitals and health centres.

From asset optimisation experts who advise on your portfolio, to our facilities management and maintenance professionals, we ensure your properties aren’t only safe and compliant, but also that they’re as cost efficient and sustainable as possible.

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Public protection

We understand how important it is for you to be able to protect the welfare and safety of your citizens and businesses which is why we provide councils with expert extra capacity to help maintain regulatory services such as environmental health and local land charges, trading standards and licensing.

We pride ourselves on efficient, high quality delivery - including completing 1,750 food safety inspections a year for Barnet Council alone - and on enabling you to continue your commitment and excellent standard of service to the safety of local people and businesses.

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Creating a resilient service for the future

Even before the pandemic, the pressure on local government had been mounting for several years. Covid-19 has further intensified the pressure on council finances and resources, with a long journey of recovery ahead. By reviewing the way you deliver council services, we can help you make them smarter, more effective and cost-efficient to run.

Citizens expect the same seamless, easy digital customer experience from the public sector as they do from the retailers and banks they use every day. With more than 30 years of local government experience and diverse digital capability, we’re ideally placed to advise how you can meet those expectations by digitally transforming public services.

Our work with Barnet Council saw more than 34,000 new online citizen accounts created and 30,000 successful transactions in the first full year. Digital transactions increased by 46% and form submissions saw an overall increase of 30.5% after the first year, while call volumes dropped 5% despite significant operational changes.

We’ll work hand-in-hand with your organisation to transform the services you provide, in line with legislation and regulatory compliance requirements.

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