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Scaling your security for remote working during and after Covid-19

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A briefing for insurance and financial services organisations

We hosted an online webinar designed for cyber security leaders in the financial services sector to explore the challenges of remote working as a result of Covid-19.

We’ve seen a 600% increase in reported coronavirus related scam emails. Reducing the risk and the impact of these should be on every agenda! In particular, this virtual event focused on what does the current threat landscape look like and what approaches are organisations taking to help their staff stay vigilant and resilient.

Panellists included experts from IBM Security, the Security Education and Awareness Lead from Willis Towers Watson, the Cyber resilience Manager from Axelos RESILIA - part of Capita - and the CIO from Waverton Investment Management.


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AXELOS cyber resilience review

Have you re-assessed your cyber resilience in the ‘new normal’ yet? Why not use our online end-to-end security assessment tool to review where your organisation is? This uses our Resilia standard for cyber security best practice and is closely aligned with the principles and terminology of the IT infrastructure library (ITIL) model. The self-assessment questionnaire should only take 30 minutes to complete, with a 30-minute follow-up virtual workshop via Microsoft Teams.

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Our daily lives have been turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic. As businesses scramble to keep operating, and more and more people work from home, how can business leaders respond to the challenge and reduce the inherent security risks?

To support organisations with this, Capita Consulting offers expertise in cyber defence. Find out how we can help you tackle your new and emerging security challenges.

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