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We’re living in times of great uncertainty. For almost all of us, disruption on this scale to all aspects of life is uncharted territory. And it’s likely that the economic and societal challenges will be run deeper and have an impact that is wider reaching than we first thought.

How do you plan, as an economy, as a business, as an individual, when you don’t know what will happen in the coming months and years? Despite this uncertainty, there are choices to be made. Choices about whether to be paralysed by indecision, or whether to lean into the opportunity to change. Is this an opportunity to stand back, refect and redefne how we live, work and behave, as citizens, employees, businesses and individuals?

Over the coming months we’ll be exploring how as individuals and organisations we can turn ‘build back better’ into more than just a slogan, as we debate the challenges and opportunities presented by a new frontier.

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Leading experts and the brightest minds share their opinion and insight on the opportunities organisations have ahead to re-set, rebuild and renew.

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The resilience, adaptability and creativity that individuals, organisations and industries have displayed over the past 12 months demonstrates what is possible. It’s been inspiring and represents a great opportunity to reimagine and rebuild.

Katja Hall, Chief Corporate Affairs and Marketing Officer, Capita

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From financial services to government services, every industry has been tested by the Covid-19 pandemic. Organisations have had to pivot like never before just to survive. And ways of working and living have been fundamentally and, in some cases, irrevisibly changed. As we look to build back stronger following this unprecedented disruption, we speak to a range of leading experts from business, government and academia to debate the challenges and opportunities presented by this new frontier. Listen to the latest episodes of our podcast series exploring the Great Opportunity? on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Podbean.

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Patrick Gormley and Oli Freestone
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