Reassuring residents by bringing support into homes virtually

A home maintenance issue is a stressful experience at the best of times. But, for a resident who needs to self-isolate or shield, that worry is magnified if they’re not able to let an engineer into their home to inspect it.

Our user-friendly video-sharing tool makes it possible for social housing landlords to quickly understand exactly what the problem is by sending a link to the resident’s smartphone to allow live video to be streamed instantly to a housing manager or engineer. 

In the case of a broken boiler, the engineer can inspect it remotely and either talk the resident through carrying out some simple repairs, or come equipped with the parts to do a swift repair that minimises contact all round.

And it’s not just useful for repairs – housing officers can provide remote support to residents struggling to complete benefits applications, and can even share the session with another department for additional support. There’s no need for the resident to download an app, and all video is securely stored, providing a record for both parties.

Quick to set up and use, our technology enables maintenance requests to be triaged without the need for an on-site visit, protecting and reassuring residents so they feel safe in their homes, whilst relieving the increased pressure on staff resources. 

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