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15 May 2017

Facts that challenge the myths about finance workers

If you’re thinking about joining the finance sector, you may be interested in learning a few unknown facts about the industry.

For example, were you aware that there is actually a day devoted to celebrating accounting professionals? It’s true and it takes place on the 10 November annually.

If you’re itching to flex your spreadsheet skills and mathematical prowess, take a look at these facts that challenge the myths surrounding the persona of finance workers

Famous faces in the accounting class 

Did you know that Mick Jagger, Robert Plant and Kenny G were all pretty good with numbers before they signed those huge record deals? Believe it or not, they all studied accounting and finance, preparing them for the world of work.

Finance workers like to get into sticky situations

While it’s the job of finance and accountancy workers to get themselves and their clients out of those sticky situations we all dread, Walter Diemer quite liked them. Diemer was a qualified accountant but actually went on to invent bubble gum back in 1928.

Fancy solving crimes?

Not only do accountants focus on getting rid of bad data, but they’re also pretty keen on eliminating bad apples too! In fact, more than 2,000 accounting special agents are hired by the FBI to track down dodgy dealings.

Be where the cash is

Back in 1896 New York launched its very first certified public accountant exam. It has since become the city where accountants can earn the most money!

They really should win an Oscar…

We’ve all seen it, actors always thank the Academy when they win their grand Oscar. But who they should really be thanking is their team of accountants and finance advisors who spend a whopping 1,700 hours before the awards ceremony counting the Academy Awards by hand!

So, if you’re preparing to enter the finance sector, you can now rest assured that you’re equipped with all the top secret information you need! And if you are looking for your next opportunity, why not consider a finance role at Capita?

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