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07 August 2017

Why job hunters should find firms that share their aims

When searching for a job, there's a number of important criteria to take into consideration before making a decision. While most of these will be practical considerations, such as the business’ geographical proximity to your home or the reputation of the firm, there are more abstract ideas to take into account too.

In recent years, it's become increasingly apparent that job hunters are more concerned with their prospective employer’s aims and values than ever before. In fact, a recent LinkedIn survey found that for over 50% of UK professionals, sharing their employer’s aims and values is a deal breaker when it comes to accepting a job offer. With this in mind, we take a look at why it's a good idea for job seekers to find a firm that shares their goals and aspirations.


The most important reason job hunters should apply to businesses that share their aims is that they are the values you will be expected to abide by while working. Most companies try to foster a work culture that embodies their aims and values and will search for candidates that fit into their existing teams and organisation. If you are to enjoy your new job and feel comfortable in the business, it's vital that you share their values.

If not, you’ll more than likely find yourself swimming against the tide and fighting a losing battle against deeply embedded aims and values. Such values are central to the way a business thinks about its work practices, organisational structure and moral responsibilities and, consequently, have an enormous influence on the company and its employees.    

Distinguish between businesses

By searching for companies that share their aims, job seekers also give themselves an additional means of distinguishing between similar positions. If little separates two different jobs, being able to choose the business whose aims and values align with your own is extremely useful. Not only does it help you select the position that’s most likely to be personally satisfying, it also suggests the job in which you’re most likely to succeed. After all, if you share values, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to work productively.

Better applications

Finally, understanding a business’ stated values and mission statement can assist in creating more interesting and engaging applications. Recruiters will want applicants to demonstrate that they comprehend the importance of their business’ values and have experience of working in similar contexts in the past. If you share these values and have previously worked at businesses that also hold these values, you already have a number of apt and useful examples that should prove you’re a good fit for the company.

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