Capita's Fay Wilberforce takes a look at Edge computing and what it could mean for 2018.

Back in 2007 as a new recruit to the Capita Internal Recruitment business, I sat in awe as one of our IT Managers explained to me how Capita would link up a number of public sector systems that previously had stood alone so that the systems could “talk to one another”.  This would ensure system transparency and knowledge sharing, the likes of which had never been seen before and would revolutionise this particular public service. They would do this using “The Cloud”.

Even though the concept of Cloud computing has been around technically since the first computers, it seems that only in the last 10 years have companies started to move towards embracing Cloud Technology. However with the explosion of IOT technology and an estimated 20.8 billion “things” to be in use by 2020 it is predicted that companies will now be looking for ways outside the cloud to process the huge amount of data that all of these “things” are creating.

Enter what is set to be one of 2018 and beyonds biggest trends; Edge computing. Edge Computing is not meant to replace the Cloud; rather it will push data processing out of its centralised location to the edge of the networks. So as a result, we will be able to see analytics to occur at the source of the data… and dare we say, in real time?!

Edge Computing is set to revolutionise the Service Industry in particular, giving the ability to cut response time down dramatically and conserve network resources. Something that every IT company must be excited by.

Fay started her recruitment career in executive search and selection specialising in Retail Buying and Merchandising and European Operations. She then worked in a high-volume recruiting environment before joining Capita in 2008. Fay now recruits for IT and Specialist hires across the whole of Capita.

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