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19 January 2018

Capita’s got Talent

Britain’s got talent. Poland’s got talent. India’s got talent. Each of these countries and every single city within them is just a huge talent pool. So – how do we find the talent that our company needs? How do we select the best of the best? How do we go about it?

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to find the perfect candidate to fill this or that or another position within the company? I mean – it always does seem long. Too long? From the candidate’s perspective, it definitely does – the waiting for the call, for the interview, for the offer. So why does it take so long? Anna Eastwood, Sourcing Specialist at Capita is here to give you some insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

It’s not an easy task, you see. The process is lengthy and complex. There are quite a few people involved in it, and not just any people – there’s the whole army of people managing the recruitment processes in each company. A qualified army who know what they’re doing.

Take Capita for example. What happens before the perfect person is offered the job?

Step 1. Vacancy confirmed. The hiring manager decides they need a new employee to do the job. It takes a while to decide on what type of person will be ideal to do it. It could be someone taking over from the colleague who has resigned or moved on. It may be a completely new vacancy that arose and needs to be finalised and then filled.

Step 2. Qualification call with the recruiter. Discuss, discuss, discuss. The role, the requirements, the skills of the perfect candidate. Speak, listen, define. It could take 15 minutes, it could take an hour. All the aspects of the role must be clear, all the requirements – those essential and those desirable skills that the candidate should bring into Capita. And there it is – the qualification document is created. The recruiter knows what the role is, understands it and knows who to look for.

Step 3. The search begins. The quest. The chase. The recruiter will post the job on the Capita Careers website. This is where our active Candidates will be able to find it and apply directly. It doesn’t end there – the recruiter will usually work with the candidate attraction team to decide where else to advertise to attract the correct skills. Even after this, sometimes it is not enough to post the job. Some candidates are not actively looking at advert, some are simply too busy. In that case it’s good for the recruiter to move to the next step.

Step 4. The recruiter-sourcer cooperation. The sourcer’s job is to support the recruiter in the candidate quest. Yes, we have access to CV databases. Yes, lots of them. Yes – there are great candidates out there. No, it’s not easy to find them. Once the role is qualified to the  sourcing team, they look through hundreds of CVs daily. Really. And only a handful of candidates get sieved to the next step of the process.

Step 5. The calls, the emails, the communication. The sourcer emails/calls the candidate. The sourcer emails/calls the recruiter. The recruiter calls the candidate. The recruiter calls/emails the hiring manager. And so it continues. The number of calls and emails exchanged before the candidate’s details get uploaded onto our internal system and before we can actually decide they are the right person for the job is huge.

At the end of the process, the hiring manager will hopefully get the perfect person to fill the role. And it doesn’t just happen automatically, you see. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes good people, good communication and good skills to find the new employees. That’s how the perfect person gets their perfect job at long last. Looking for talent does take a while but it’s worth it and we love working with our candidates.

You’ve got talent! Don’t let it go elsewhere!

Anna Eastwood is a Sourcing Specialist for Capita. Based out of the Poland office, Anna sources candidates across the Capita Group. Want to showcase your talent? Connect with Anna on Linkedin today to start the process!

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