Our brilliant customer experience (CX) and insight teams play a key role in developing and improving customer journeys.

Harnessing the power of data, analytics and qualitative research, they explore the end-to-end customer journey across all channels. From service designers to insight leads, our colleagues work together to identify the best customer experience for our clients. But what does their day-to-day entail? We spoke to three CX professionals to get a better idea of what their role involves.

Adam Khan, Design and Delivery Manager

“The huge variety of clients and scope of work keeps things really interesting. As a Design & Delivery Manager, I lead day-to-day client engagements, managing small to medium sized projects, making sure our delivery is of the highest quality and maintaining strong and lasting relationships with our clients. As a team, part of our role is to create ideas and improve customer experience. It’s therefore critical that we ourselves are comfortable with change.

We have a very open, honest and collaborative culture that empowers us to make decisions but with an equally important supportive structure. It’s an environment that encourages ideation, discussion and continuous improvement. We have a very close-knit, family-like team who offer each other a great deal of support. We have regular opportunities to loop in with each other and catch up, and our directors do a great job at guiding and supporting career progression.

I always feel supported here and there's a healthy, flexible work-life balance, which is so important. CX is at the heart of transforming Capita as an organisation, so if you like shaping and guiding change this is the place to work.”

Sandip Patel, Insight Lead

“My role is varied and no two days are ever the same. I’m asked to consult on a wide range of data and insight projects and the work is never boring. I get challenged every day to find solutions to complex problems and I’m pushed to learn. Not having the answer is never a problem if I’m willing to go find it.

We’re a bit different in that we put a customer lens on everything we do. We start and end with improving the customer’s experience, and we’ll also deliver other benefits along the way. As a team we understand that with data, there are a number of ways to get to an answer. So, we use whatever data manipulation software we feel most comfortable with. That could be Python, rStudio, PowerBI or even Excel.

The Insight team has a training catalogue, which we created. It not only gives us an outline of the tools and analysis we use, it also gives us the link to online courses to go and learn the material. If there’s a course you want to do and think it will benefit your learning, then the leadership team are always happy to listen, and if it’s possible they’ll arrange the course.

We have a range of learning paths and as a team we’re always eager to work together, learn, understand, and share tips. The whole CX team has a real family feel to it, which means we’re all open and honest. Everyone, all the way up to the directors, has time for each other to discuss whatever is going on – be it personal or work related.”

Samantha Pritchard, Design and Delivery Manager

“At Capita, I get to think creatively, and manage effective change to improve the end customer experience. In our team, we’re diverse in our approach which spans many different client programmes as well as internal strategic engagements – we’re lucky to have so much exposure and influence on the direction of our future.

Our work underpins and supports the company’s objectives, focusing on how we grow, challenging our ways of working, and improving how we innovate. We are more aligned than ever as we all work towards significant transformation that will have a positive impact across the organisation.

I love the passion and healthy culture of our CX team. I’m a proud advocate of them, and we’ve unofficially rebranded ourselves as the ‘CX family’. People from around the business want to join our team as they’ve heard great things about us. It’s a magical feeling to know we support and naturally instil this culture.

The CX family would welcome any passionate, motivated, and determined individual to work beside us. Here, you’ll feel engaged and supported by an incredibly talented and professional team, empowered to achieve great things for our clients, customers and colleagues. Your personal development will be tailored for you and your role so that you’re supported with the tools and techniques for your current and future progression. Your new journey awaits…”

We’re growing our Customer Management division, which means we have a breadth of opportunities for passionate and motivated individuals to join us in making positive impacts for our clients and customers. If you’ve been inspired by our people’s stories, then discover how you can join the team – read about our CX Insight Analyst role and apply online.

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