Any employee can find themselves frustrated at work by either a particular situation or another individual – but this shouldn’t be allowed to cause them unhappiness or dissatisfaction.

According to research by Health Assured, 86% of workers regularly vent their frustration at co-workers but 79% find it difficult to deal with colleagues who can’t control their temper.

Some of the most common causes of stress or frustration at work include an ineffective manager (74%), excessive workloads and deadlines (60%), poor communication and limited visibility of team members’ work (57%) and poor access to resources or information needed to complete work (37%).

Learning a few useful tips of how to cope with frustration can allow you to overcome these difficulties and enjoy a happier working life – for you and your colleagues.

Talk about your problems

No matter what the stress or in your workplace, it is important that you talk about your problems with a superior. If your managers are unaware of your concerns or worries then they will not be able to do anything to address them.

Take proactive steps

Take direct action to rectify the source of your frustration by proposing new initiatives or systems to streamline your work and improve the working environment.

Balance work and life

A healthy work-life balance can make it easier to deal with stressful situations so make sure you dedicate enough time outside of the office.

Set yourself rules

Regularly working late, skipping lunch or taking on too much at once can increase your stress. Set strict rules about your working hours and the amount of extra tasks you take.

Try yoga

Yoga and other forms of exercise are proven to improve wellbeing and reduce stress. Try a few stress-relieving techniques such as this to keep frustrations to a minimum.

Suggest a breakout area

Propose the idea of a breakout area to your boss and use it to take a break during periods of high frustration or stress.

Engage with colleagues outside work

Enjoying a healthy social life with your work colleagues can make it easier to approach them about causes of frustration in the office so engage with work events wherever possible.

Host regular reviews

Sitting down with your team, boss and co-workers at regular intervals can provide an opportunity to discuss issues and things that frustrate you.

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