Martin Smith, sales director at Capita Software’s Pay360 Private Sector reveals the potential of the payment service and how he helps his team to be successful salespeople.

Pay360 provide secure payment services to brands both big and small. With a track record of innovation, we process and manage over 248 million card transactions, worth £9.6 billion every year. The public side of Pay360 is a very well established brand – Capita are the go-to brand for payments within the local government sector. But if you compare that to the private sector, we’re still relatively unknown. Our market share is probably less than 1%, so we have 99% of the market to go for. That’s why I was attracted to the role at Pay360 in the first place, because I could see the potential of where we could go and how my experience could help get us there.

Continuing to grow

In the 18 months since I started we’ve grown four-fold, which is amazing. Now we need to grow that further so that we can gain market share. And that’s not just down to the sales team, it’s about everyone who works on this: the marketing team, implementation team, ops team and financial team. We’re collaborative and everyone’s invested in making this a success, everyone has their part to play.

One of the benefits to our team is that Pay360 itself is a business that’s still maturing, so it has a much more start-up like feel to it - it’s in its infancy when it comes to the private sector. We have the backing of a business like Capita behind us to help us grow – in terms of resource, finances and people – which would never be able to happen as an independent business.

Succeeding as a team

As a Sales Director, my role is all about enabling the sales team to be successful. I roll my sleeves up and help them with whatever they need – whether that’s specific requirements around the proposition, marketing collateral or just helping them with processes. As part of my own career in leadership, I benefited from one-on-one coaching from a world-class coach. I had a light-bulb moment, where I understood the value of helping someone identify their own potential and helping them achieve it. So development here is very much on an individual basis, looking at engaging individuals. There are some key areas that people can focus on to help them grow their sales skills; being confident at asking questions, learning to actively listen, understanding territory management and how to secure decisions before building further. All of these elements can help you develop further and will make you more effective in the role.

Opening new doors

If there was an ideal candidate for us, I’d have to describe them as resourceful, optimistic, tenacious, self-reliant and self-disciplined. It’s much more about the soft skills than qualifications. I also look for any sales skills and product knowledge. Wherever a candidate has worked before, we would expect them to have sales skills, whether that’s selling hardware, software, services or another product.

There are lots of opportunities to progress here. Capita is really open for people to move within the group and there’s a huge resource available to help people with the right skills to find a role where they can develop further.

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